Friday, August 23, 2013

Outfit//The Kimono

Wow, how long has it been again? It's been week’s since I last blogged. I promised myself in my last weeks of summer that I would stay up to sate with my back to school outfits, but after school hit I was done for. Right now I am writing this post at almost 11:00. I am in the middle of starting 2 labs I have to finish for AP Biology; someone shake me out of this madness. For the past week and 2 days I have been writing essay consistently, studying and trying to dive back into math. I've also got a cheeky surprise for you guys (yes I used cheeky; talk about way to many Jack and Finn YouTube videos) I WAS FEATURED ON THE TEEN VOGUE WEBSITE! Ok take a deep breath or two, I know I had to after I found myself stumbling on the page a few weeks ago. Talk about stellar I just want to thank Teen Vogue for he opportunity.

What Am I Wearing?
Kimona-Forever 21
Pink Bodysuit-American Apparel
Gray Socks-American Apparel

Now to today's (well yesterdays outfit). Yesterday I wore this rad kimono I happened to pick up from Forever 21. I was agonizing over the fact that no other stores carried (reasonably priced) kimonos that were the length I wanted. This one was perfect, floral and only $20; score! I'm so excited to style it with my other pieces, but it matched perfectly with this bodysuit I picked up from American Apparel. Actually I picked up about 3 bodysuits, 3 dresses, and a circle skirt that was $12 from American Apparel when it was having a sale. You have to stalk that website high-end dry the outcome is amazing; sometimes things get priced under $10. I also got these "over the knee socks from American Apparel, however they don't stay up and I spent some good money for these socks. Oh well back to Ebay for buying my over the knee socks. Lastly I'm not sure if you noticed or not (I'm really hoping you did) I got my hair done! I love it s much. They are called Havana Twist/Marley braids and they are the best things (next to tortilla chips and backed beans of course; my favs) Don't be surprised if you see me rocking these all year; I know I won't be surprised. Anyways that's all for now. You're all caught up and I hope I can squeeze in another outfit post or so for you guys. Thanks again for reading. Later babes!
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  1. CONGRATS :) That's super cool! And so is your kimono :)

  2. I´m so in love with your blog :)
    Found you via because you commented on one of my looks! Thanks for that!
    Are you interessted on following each other? Would be so nice :)

    Lots of love from Berlin

  3. Cute skirt :)
    Maria V.