Friday, August 23, 2013

Outfit//The Kimono

Wow, how long has it been again? It's been week’s since I last blogged. I promised myself in my last weeks of summer that I would stay up to sate with my back to school outfits, but after school hit I was done for. Right now I am writing this post at almost 11:00. I am in the middle of starting 2 labs I have to finish for AP Biology; someone shake me out of this madness. For the past week and 2 days I have been writing essay consistently, studying and trying to dive back into math. I've also got a cheeky surprise for you guys (yes I used cheeky; talk about way to many Jack and Finn YouTube videos) I WAS FEATURED ON THE TEEN VOGUE WEBSITE! Ok take a deep breath or two, I know I had to after I found myself stumbling on the page a few weeks ago. Talk about stellar I just want to thank Teen Vogue for he opportunity.

What Am I Wearing?
Kimona-Forever 21
Pink Bodysuit-American Apparel
Gray Socks-American Apparel

Now to today's (well yesterdays outfit). Yesterday I wore this rad kimono I happened to pick up from Forever 21. I was agonizing over the fact that no other stores carried (reasonably priced) kimonos that were the length I wanted. This one was perfect, floral and only $20; score! I'm so excited to style it with my other pieces, but it matched perfectly with this bodysuit I picked up from American Apparel. Actually I picked up about 3 bodysuits, 3 dresses, and a circle skirt that was $12 from American Apparel when it was having a sale. You have to stalk that website high-end dry the outcome is amazing; sometimes things get priced under $10. I also got these "over the knee socks from American Apparel, however they don't stay up and I spent some good money for these socks. Oh well back to Ebay for buying my over the knee socks. Lastly I'm not sure if you noticed or not (I'm really hoping you did) I got my hair done! I love it s much. They are called Havana Twist/Marley braids and they are the best things (next to tortilla chips and backed beans of course; my favs) Don't be surprised if you see me rocking these all year; I know I won't be surprised. Anyways that's all for now. You're all caught up and I hope I can squeeze in another outfit post or so for you guys. Thanks again for reading. Later babes!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Outfit//Maroon Lagoon

What Am I Wearing
Camoflouge Shirt-JCpenney
Black Riding Pants-American Apparel
Maroon Jacket-Forever 21
White Chucks-Women's Foot Locker

Yesterday I took on downtown Chicago with my cousin. I was a fun day filled with the ridiculousness of Google Maps, yummy burgers, Garrett's popcorn and shopping, shopping, shopping(on a very low budget of course). Our travels landed in in Chinatown for dinner the first night. I was disappointed in my meal but that was made up later on when I had the best mango smoothie I had ever had at one of the bakeries on the street. Also during our Windy City travels I picked up this maroon biker jacket from Forever 21 for only $23, talk about a steal and it came in handy that day. Literally the best day of sales I ever came by in my life! 


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Friday, July 26, 2013

Outfit//When It Rains, It Pour

What Am I Wearing?
Printed Jacket-My Mom's Vintage
Green Pants-American Apparel
Striped Shirt-American Apparel
White Chucks-Women's Foot Locker

Rain, Rain, Go Away Come Again Another Day. Actually scratch that I don't mind the rain today. The heat has been well heat. It's hot, I'm sweaty and my hair is in total disagreeance with it. However, I did take today to do an impromptu indoor photos hoot; you know just making use of that natural lighting in my room. 

Anyways on to today's outfit. This sweet coat was found by accident in the catacombs of my living room closet. It was my mom's way way way back in the day. The pattern is this cool mix of funky colors and has little Brazillian looking worker (note* I don't know if they are Brizillian or not but I like to imagine they are). 


P.S. Have you guys checked out my interview with Hope Bidinger?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out to Tea: An Interview With Hope Bidinger

Hope Bidinger
Keller, TX
Eclectic with a Vintage Edge

Lo: To start off your style is really rad. What influenced it?

 HB: Thank you! Really anything and everything influences my style. From other fashion bloggers to characters in movies, to an Andy Warhol painting. 

Lo: When and why did you start your blog?

HB: I started my blog a little over 3 years ago. I came across the site Chictopia and fell in love with the whole fashion community. I then discovered that those who posted their looks also had a platform for their looks(blogspot) and I decided I wanted to do the same thing.

Lo: Do you have any tips for newbie bloggers?

HB: Stay true to your yourself/personal style and really have fun with blogging! The amount of effort you put into your blog really determines the success you get from it!

Lo: I heard that you were a hip hop dancer. What's that like?

 HB: Yes, I am indeed a hip hop dancer! I adore dancing and my studio crew. Dancing is another way of expressing myself besides clothing and I literally couldn't see my life without it.

Lo: What's the one piece in your closet that you can't live without?

 HB: Hands down, my black bowler hat. I have had that thing for forever! Whenever I need an extra "oomph" to a certain outfit I just prop it on my head. Also, I think I have styled so many looks with it that it has become more of a signature piece of mine!

Lo: You probably get this a lot, but your hair is fabulous. What do you do to get it this way?

HB: Why, thank you! Really I just wash and comb it and pray it isn't humid that day! Funny thing is I used to have straight hair until the 5th grade and then it just magically turned wavy. I rarely straighten it anymore because I do have a lot of hair,but when I hit the salon I always tell my girl Carmen to make it pin straight!

Lo: You've been featured in Teen Vogue quite a few times. How was that?

HB: Being in their actual printed magazine was A DREAM. I felt so honored that they wanted me in one of their articles. And being featured on their website time to time is always rewarding! I love Teen Vogue and I owe them a lot of credit for the opportunities that have came my way.

Lo: What's the best thing you've done as a blogger so far?

HB: As far as success wise? Being in Teen Vogue Magazine. Other than that meeting other bloggers through my blog. I love meeting new people and building great relationships. 

Lo: Well Hope I believe that is all. How can we keep up with you?

 HB: Well, I hope people keep on reading my blog because I plan on blogging for a long time! You can follow me on twitter and instagram @hopebidi for more SimplyHopeStyle and non blog related things!

I just want to thank Hope again for the interview. What do you guys think of 'Out to Tea?' Look for more to come.


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cactus, Star, Hamburger

Cac-tus: n.Any of various succulent, spiny, usually leafless plants native mostly to arid regions of the New World, having variously colored, often showy flowers with numerous stamens and petals.

Star: n.A fixed luminous point in the night sky that is a large, remote incandescent body like the sun.

Ham-bur-ger: n. a sandwich consisting of a patty of hamburger in a split typically round bun.

Interpret how you will.


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Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit// Babe Squad

What Am I Wearing
Feather Hearts 'Babe Squad' Shirt- Nylon Shop
Lightwash Denim Circle Skirt- American Apparel
Sunflower Bandeau-American Apparel
Platfrom Sneakers-Urban Outfitters
Hat-Dad's Closet

Sometimes I wonder why we dress the way we dress. Is it because fashion magazines tell us 'prints are in' or because the famous girl on Lookbook wore her tights under her shorts. Nowadays we are all try to fit under one tab, different; but if the different tab is full of the same kind of thing is it really different? In the fashion world there are lots of what I like to call 'fashion stereotypes.' There's the tomboy, the girly girl, the punk rocker, the bohemian queen and the list goes on. Do you ever wonder how you shifted to the stereotype you most relate with?

When I started to think about the reasons on why I decided to dress the way I do I always found myself coming back to being different. I didn't want to wear the basic jeans and t-shirt combo and I didn't want to be the next Lolita princess, but I knew I wanted to be something. Something I can look back ages from now and be proud of, something I knew would express me without words. 

Today's outfit was inspired by the word Babe. It's the bio on my Instagram and it's the one word I can use to describe how I want to look in the morning oh and a cute guy or so. I ordered this shirt off of the Nylon Shop. It was about $32, breaking the bank in my opinion but I couldn't pass it up. So I ordered it in red and I counted down the days until it came! Another piece that I am super happy I ordered was this bandeau from American Apparel. If you look at my most recent What's Up in Fashionlanland post you will see I was ogling over the sunflower collection at American Apparel. When I saw this was only $16 I knew I had to have! 

Later Babes!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Liebster Award

(Old photo shoot with my friend Lucy) 

Hola todo el mundo. Que Pasa? Yeah that was just me showing off my 6 year Spanish. Alright I'm fronting I had to look up the todo el mundo part on the web. Anyways, I hope everyone's week is going by superb. Any fashion faves from the week? I digress. 

This week I was nominated for the Liebster Award!!! Cheers, Hooray and a few iyiyiyi's. Thanks to the rad Monica over at Chic Black Chick (check out her blog, it's amazing) I can now put this award on my blogging award shelf. If you don't know what the Liebster Award is it is an award given to new bloggers with less than 200 bloggers. So you know it's sort of a way to get around and meet some fellow newbies. 

Monica supplied me with a list of questions I am to answer; now you guys can be all in up in my grill.

1. Favorite blog post on your blog?

So far my favorite blog post on my little premature blog would have to be Overall I Love Summer. I just adored how my pictures came out today and my hair looked pretty fab that day. No lie. 

2. If you could have a lifetime free supply of clothing from any store, which one would you pick?

That would definitely have to be American Apparel. That store is like a drug to me I love it and I can't stop purchasing from it. Plus I feel like since the clothes are all basics they'll never go out of style; so I'll be good for all the seasons to come.

3. Favorite trend of the moment?

Platform Sneakers!!!!! How can you not love growing a few inches with just the simple slip on of a classic shoe. They're great I wouldn't mind trading in all my sneakers for them. Thank god I don't like to run. 

4. What are your fall wardrobe essentials?

My black Infinity Scarf for simple chic outfits, my red and deep pink tone lipsticks for a warmer color hue and my Docs I wouldn't be me if I didn't have my Docs.

5. Five best songs in the universe?

Right now I can't not be obsessed with We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus. It's always the first song I play when I put my music on. Of course I have to share my Lana love! I would have to say Off to the Races, Million Dollar Man and American by Lana Del Rey because obviously "Springsteen is the King." Lastly I would have to say She's so High by Tal Bachman and Superman by Five for Fighting.

6. What's a weird fact about yourself?

I hate green things! Don't get me wrong I love my veggies and pesto, but anything else is gross such as guacamole, green gum, green chapstick to name a few.

7. Who's a character on TV with style you admire?

Allison from Teen Wolf. It's just something about her clothes I find cute and collected also I love her new haircut.

8. What's the worst fashion mistake you've committed? Everyone has one that's particularly bad admit it :) embrace it. No one's going to judge.

Other than you all knowing about my terrible Catholic School story  I would probably have to say the time I dressed like somebody's grandparent. Don't get me wrong I don't mind dressing in vintage pieces that might make me look like a grandma, but this one day I went totally south with my choice of outfits. I wore these ill-fitting khaki chinos, this disgusting puke colored sweater which I'm not sure why I picked up and a pair of slip-ons. It was the worst and I definitely put that one down in the books as a never again.

9. You cringe at the mere memory of it as? There is :) Don't be shy no one's going to judge. 

Terrible I guess. A misfortune for the misfortunate. It was like wearing a white prom dress and spilling red punch on it. Or maybe I can describe it as walking out the house with no pants on. Yeah I like that one. My terrible grandpa attire was similar to walking out the house with no pants on.

10. If you could be reincarnated as any object what would it be?

An awesome pair of jeans. Everyone knows when you find that perfect pair of jeans your life is forever made. So why not come back as something that will make people happy.

11. What do you see yourself doing a year from now (either with your blog, fashion in general, or with life)? 

I definitely see myself a little more branded in my fashion. I hope a year from now my blog is going great and I am spreading my love for clothes to people all across the web. I hope by next year I am satisfied with the look of my blog and I also hope I might have an internship or cooperated with people to better my blog and self.

This is the part of the award where I nominate others and give them 11 questions to answer.

I would like to nominate Isabelle from Lost But Not Found, AlexisSplah from Dead Like Your Fame, and Annie From Fashion of a Minor.
1) If you could have one designer shoes what would it be?
2)Would you rather have pizza or cheeseburgers to eat for the rest of your life?
3)What is your favorite thing about yourself?
4) What's your dream job?
5) Name your celebrity crushes.
6) The one thing you can't live without.
7) What's the name of your best friends?
8) Would you rather be Paris Hilton's best friend or Lindsay Lohan's?
9) Can you write your name with your elbow? Show us.
10) Do you have a favorite lipstick color?
11) What is your favorite trend right now?

Hope you guys enjoyed!