Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit// Vintage Polka Dots

What Am I Wearing?
Denim Shirt-American Eagle
Polka Dot Skit- Vintage Dress (Hot Topic)
Ankle Strap Heels-Hand Me Down

Can you consider something vintage if you haven't worn it for about 3 or 4 years? I mean vintage means originating from a previous era and I consider 8th grade an era of shame I would not like to go back to, but that's a story for another day. 

When I was in 8th grade we had a formal at the end of the year. It was sort of like prom in middle school minus the having to find a legitimate date part and arriving in a rad whip but it was full of awkward newbie teens trying to figure out what kind of dancing would be "cool" to do. Thankfully enough the night had great food and I got a very interesting look at what my classmates fashion sense looked like. 

My dress for the night was the product of a long day at the mall and an indecisive mind. Those were the days when I wanted to be a nun and wear hoodies zipped up all the way to my forehead. However I did find myself in Hot Topic, literally the last place you'd think you'd find a prom dress. The dress, a black and white short tulle polka dot skirt with a black and white cheetah print top, is something I probably wouldn't pick up today but it is a great look at me starting to come out of my horrid fashion days. 
When I decided to do my outfit post I'd wanted to incorporate a little old with a little new. As I ran though my closet I came upon the dress and decided it would make for a nice skirt. I decided to pair it with my denim button down and a pair of hand me down ankle strap heels because I thought it would give it would give me sort of a modern 50's housewife look. I'm not exactly sure where that inspiration came from but I do like it quite a lot. Hope you enjoyed my history story for the day!

Tips From This Post
-If you have a really old (or vintage) piece in your closet don't be afraid to cut it, sew it, or rearrange it to something that you can incorporate with the new things in your wardrobe. It'll be just like buying a new piece!
- Look into your past for outfits that you liked then. They might just inspire you to try it out again. Like they always say "History always repeats itself."
-Polka Dots are an amazing statement piece and give your look a pop of fun!


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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inspiration// Fruit

Once I read in a magazine how to find the perfect watermelon. It read something like the how yellow it was or how it smelled. Yeah I really don't remember but I now consider myself a watermelon connoisseur.  

Lately I've noticed a lot of my inspiration coming from bright, fun patterns. Ultimately I'm usually always finding my self scouring the internet for cutesy fruit themed apparel. So here are a few fruit themed pieces:

Image of Watermelon Vest

Fresh Fruit Dress

Image 2 of To Love Kuvaa Fruit Print Open Back Dress

Image 1 of Kuccia Sporty Crop Top in Juicy Fruit Print

And last but not least here are some DIY Watermelon nails I did myself. They're a little messy but it was my first time. You know what they say practice makes perfect!

Check out my review on this nail polish and more here!



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Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outfit//~Kelly Kepowski~

What Am I Wearing?
Kelly Kepowski Shirt-Target
Boyfriend Shorts-GAP
Black Boots-Doc Martens
Headwrap-Mom's Closet
Round Shades-Ebay

Remember the days when it was all about neon, crop tops and big hair? Yeah well neither do I but I have been able to slightly get a little of that 80's glory from the amazing show Saved by the Bell. Although I wasn't born in the decade to watch Saved by the Bell I was able to catch enough reruns to figure that the characters and their fashions were amazing! 

I happened to find this shirt in the Boy's section of Target. The boy's section probably has the best novelty tees and I love getting the pants from there because they're easy to turn into boyfriend jeans and the pockets are SUPER DEEP. I've almost worn this shirt out as you can probably see from the crazy fading, but that's okay I will wear it until it's worn out. I decided to pair it with my blazer that was for a school event. I never like to let clothes go to waste so I decided I'd try to incorporate it in my outfits. So far it's made for a very cute piece. Accessory wise I got these black shades from eBay for a whooping $2. Amazing right? I would definitely recommend using ebay for buying inexpensive clothes or accessories. I'm sure you noticed I'm rocking yet another scarf. I know it's scandalous, 'same look different outfit'. I can't lie., I couldn't resist the chicness of the turban wrap. It just makes you look very cool and collected. That's all I have for today!

Tips From This Post
-Saved by the Bell is a great source for 80's fashion inspiration.
-Don't be afraid to check out the Boy's section of a store especially if you want a looser fit or boyfriend fit jean it if you're just into deep pockets like me. Also they have amazing tees.
-Don't let your clothes become a 'One Time Wear' piece. Try to incorporate pieces that you bought for another purpose into other outfits.
-Ebay is a great source of inexpensive fashion. Don't be afraid to scour the website for some cute finds.

-Don't be afraid to re-wear a piece you really like. No on is judging!


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Friday, June 7, 2013

Outfit//Overall I Love Summer

What Am I Wearing?
Overalls-From a Friend
Cheetah Print Collared Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Cheetah Print Shoes-Kohls
Maroon and Navy Satchel-Cambridge Satchel Company

I love summer. The nice warm sun beating down on you as you soak up some rays at the beach or catch them through the window on your couch. It's also a great time to check out what everyone is wearing since it's finally that time of year when you can be cheeky and show some skin.

I happened to pick these overalls up at my friends house actually. We had this "Overall Success" Day in the 8th grade so she just had them sitting around in her closet. I knew she wasn't going to get a wear out of them so I happily took them off her hands. These are probably one of my best finds. Overalls are pieces that can be dressed up, dressed down or just a great piece to chill in; or farm if your into that stuff. Today I decided to dress over my 'alls by pairing them with this cheetah print collared shirt I picked up off the sales rack at Urban Outfitters. I also added in my matching Cheetah print shoes I got from Kohls last year (which I found out everyone else in my school also had) and my awesome companion my maroon and navy Cambridge Satchel my dad gave me last Christmas. I felt the satchel gave it a city slicker meets university student look if you get my drift. Well that's all for today, I'd love to see your overall outfits!

Tips From Today's Post

-Overalls are a summer must. They are versatille and can be dressed up or down.

-Try matching like prints for a cohesive look.

-Satchels are great and give off a very chic univeristy look.
Here are some cute alternatives to the Cambrige Satchel:

-It's summer, don't be afraid to show a little skin!


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outfit// Striped for the Ocassion

What Am I Wearing?
Crop Top From American Apparel
High Waist Jeans From The Thrift Store
White Chucks From Women's Foot Locker 
Head Scarf from the Jungles of My Mom's Closet

Stripes, you can't go wrong with them but you surely can go wrong without them. Stripes are a do, in that they DO accentuate certain body parts(and hide others if you catch my drift)and they DO go with pretty much any kind of style or outfit your trying out. My favorite stripes color combination is anything with red. Adding a pop of red to a black and white striped dress whether it be a cute pump or a chic belt will make your outfit stand out ten times more. You can also take your striping to the next level by pairing it with another print. Now take heed, mixing prints can be a challenge, but when done the right way you will be left with a tremendous result. Start out small with maybe stripes and plaid . The mix of the two very bold patterns will somehow mesh together. 

Today's outfit was inspired by stripes, well obviously. I adore this American Apparel crop top that I picked up on an unforeseen splurge while I was at my local store, that is a lie I definitely saw it coming. I was hooked on the Black and White trend that rocked spring this season and there was just something about stripes I felt I should have. I decided to pair it with my "mom jeans" as my dad calls them but I refer to them as high waist pants that I picked up on a thrifting trip and some classic chucks (*tip* when in doubt chuck it out). The scarf was kind of a last minute thing. Thankfully I had it because when bad hair day calls oh it calls. Well that's all for my first outfit post. Hope you enjoyed!

*Tips from Today's Post*

-Stripes are a definite DO

-Types of Stripes for Everybody Type:
1)Curvy-Vertical Stripes
2)Busty-Horizontal Stripes
3)Boyish-Small Stripes
4)Pear-Big Stripes
5)Petite-Wide Stripes

-Try Mixing Stripes with Different Patterns like plaid for example

-When in doubt Chuck it out

-When A Bad hair day occurs try using a scarf to hide your dilemma 

Signed ,

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Doux Et Lo

Hello all, I'm Lauren, but you can call me Lo. I started this blog because I felt that I wanted to share my passion of fashion and writing with the world. I know you're probably thinking "girl stop, everyone is making a fashion blog nowadays. What's so new about you?" Well I actually previously had a project called Five Dimes For Nine Lives which was sort of my training wheels into this crazy bloggerverse. It helped me achieve an idea of what I wanted to do in my future (which is work in PR) and come to the decision that I wanted to take this whole blogging thing seriously. I'm not going to try to sell you an infomercial type of stint where I'm selling what's NEW, NOW, BETTER, or BEST but I am going to tell you that I believe you will have a rad (*warning* be prepared to see this word A LOT) time going through this fashion journey with me. I really do hope you enjoy and stay along for this ride. It ought to be a wild one. All aboard!

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