Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's Up In Fashionland// White, Jerseys, and Cutout Heels

So I thought I'd start a segment on my blog that tells well as the title states "What's Up In Fashionland." Pretty much it's going to be a what's hot right now kind of post. Now let's quit the chit chat and get started!

All White Everything

If you haven't seen it yet than you must be hiding under a rock. All white outfits have been roaming the streets this summer with outfits that come off as fresh with a touch of innocence; talk about Like a Virgin. In my opinion I like the all-white look. It's a great look for a picnic or a great way to stand out if you're attending a fashion show or a big event. I would definitely recommend when trying the all-white trend to try to keep the common theme. Keep the whites very close in color so they are blend well and give a crisp look. Also if you want to look bold in an all-white outfit try to make one accessory one very bold color like a cobalt blue or a neon color such as orange or yellow.

Hut, Two, Throw Me a Jersey

I remember when I was younger I had a basketball jersey dress. It was so 2004, but I loved it. Nowadays in present times the jersey has come back. Not exactly in dress form, but it is a very chic tomboy staple that I can say I can't get enough of. There are loads of different jerseys out there such my favorites happen to be hockey, baseball and the shirts that just so happen to look like jerseys like the ones from the brand Pyrex. You can pair a jersey with a pair of heels, a beanie and a circle skirt for a tomboy meets girly girl look. Or maybe for a chill day pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans, loafers, a knapsack and a baseball cap.

Cutout Shoes

This is probably one of my favorite trends right now! I am literally in love with cutout shoes. My favorites are all the Jeffrey Campbell one's such as Coltranes and Roscoes. Cut out shoes are great with any looks such as a ay of shopping, a museum outing or even a party. They're pretty edgy and look super cool with a rad par of socks. I would definitely recommend pairing a good pair of cutout shoes with a nice pair of rolled skinny jeans an a fitted blazer. You could also try them with a collared dress or lace to give it a good meets bad look.

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  1. LOVE the orange shoes! Great blog by the way! Like fashion? Then come on down to my blog!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x

    1. Thank you and I love the shoes also. I'll def stop by and check out the blog.