Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit// Vintage Polka Dots

What Am I Wearing?
Denim Shirt-American Eagle
Polka Dot Skit- Vintage Dress (Hot Topic)
Ankle Strap Heels-Hand Me Down

Can you consider something vintage if you haven't worn it for about 3 or 4 years? I mean vintage means originating from a previous era and I consider 8th grade an era of shame I would not like to go back to, but that's a story for another day. 

When I was in 8th grade we had a formal at the end of the year. It was sort of like prom in middle school minus the having to find a legitimate date part and arriving in a rad whip but it was full of awkward newbie teens trying to figure out what kind of dancing would be "cool" to do. Thankfully enough the night had great food and I got a very interesting look at what my classmates fashion sense looked like. 

My dress for the night was the product of a long day at the mall and an indecisive mind. Those were the days when I wanted to be a nun and wear hoodies zipped up all the way to my forehead. However I did find myself in Hot Topic, literally the last place you'd think you'd find a prom dress. The dress, a black and white short tulle polka dot skirt with a black and white cheetah print top, is something I probably wouldn't pick up today but it is a great look at me starting to come out of my horrid fashion days. 
When I decided to do my outfit post I'd wanted to incorporate a little old with a little new. As I ran though my closet I came upon the dress and decided it would make for a nice skirt. I decided to pair it with my denim button down and a pair of hand me down ankle strap heels because I thought it would give it would give me sort of a modern 50's housewife look. I'm not exactly sure where that inspiration came from but I do like it quite a lot. Hope you enjoyed my history story for the day!

Tips From This Post
-If you have a really old (or vintage) piece in your closet don't be afraid to cut it, sew it, or rearrange it to something that you can incorporate with the new things in your wardrobe. It'll be just like buying a new piece!
- Look into your past for outfits that you liked then. They might just inspire you to try it out again. Like they always say "History always repeats itself."
-Polka Dots are an amazing statement piece and give your look a pop of fun!


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  1. Ah cute outfit! Love it :-)

  2. Great outfit!! Love chambray with polka dots...casual and feminine...perfect!

    Veloria in Velvet

  3. Lovely skirt :) Looking for the polkadot skirt but haven't find it yet :(
    Would you mind to follow me on BLOGLOVIN' :) I will follow you back, so we can keep in touch

    100% Nerd

    1. Awesome blog! I love love your header drawing.

  4. I love how you paired the denim & polka dots!

    The Fashion Geek