Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inspiration// Fruit

Once I read in a magazine how to find the perfect watermelon. It read something like the how yellow it was or how it smelled. Yeah I really don't remember but I now consider myself a watermelon connoisseur.  

Lately I've noticed a lot of my inspiration coming from bright, fun patterns. Ultimately I'm usually always finding my self scouring the internet for cutesy fruit themed apparel. So here are a few fruit themed pieces:

Image of Watermelon Vest

Fresh Fruit Dress

Image 2 of To Love Kuvaa Fruit Print Open Back Dress

Image 1 of Kuccia Sporty Crop Top in Juicy Fruit Print

And last but not least here are some DIY Watermelon nails I did myself. They're a little messy but it was my first time. You know what they say practice makes perfect!

Check out my review on this nail polish and more here!



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