Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outfit//~Kelly Kepowski~

What Am I Wearing?
Kelly Kepowski Shirt-Target
Boyfriend Shorts-GAP
Black Boots-Doc Martens
Headwrap-Mom's Closet
Round Shades-Ebay

Remember the days when it was all about neon, crop tops and big hair? Yeah well neither do I but I have been able to slightly get a little of that 80's glory from the amazing show Saved by the Bell. Although I wasn't born in the decade to watch Saved by the Bell I was able to catch enough reruns to figure that the characters and their fashions were amazing! 

I happened to find this shirt in the Boy's section of Target. The boy's section probably has the best novelty tees and I love getting the pants from there because they're easy to turn into boyfriend jeans and the pockets are SUPER DEEP. I've almost worn this shirt out as you can probably see from the crazy fading, but that's okay I will wear it until it's worn out. I decided to pair it with my blazer that was for a school event. I never like to let clothes go to waste so I decided I'd try to incorporate it in my outfits. So far it's made for a very cute piece. Accessory wise I got these black shades from eBay for a whooping $2. Amazing right? I would definitely recommend using ebay for buying inexpensive clothes or accessories. I'm sure you noticed I'm rocking yet another scarf. I know it's scandalous, 'same look different outfit'. I can't lie., I couldn't resist the chicness of the turban wrap. It just makes you look very cool and collected. That's all I have for today!

Tips From This Post
-Saved by the Bell is a great source for 80's fashion inspiration.
-Don't be afraid to check out the Boy's section of a store especially if you want a looser fit or boyfriend fit jean it if you're just into deep pockets like me. Also they have amazing tees.
-Don't let your clothes become a 'One Time Wear' piece. Try to incorporate pieces that you bought for another purpose into other outfits.
-Ebay is a great source of inexpensive fashion. Don't be afraid to scour the website for some cute finds.

-Don't be afraid to re-wear a piece you really like. No on is judging!


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