Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outfit// Striped for the Ocassion

What Am I Wearing?
Crop Top From American Apparel
High Waist Jeans From The Thrift Store
White Chucks From Women's Foot Locker 
Head Scarf from the Jungles of My Mom's Closet

Stripes, you can't go wrong with them but you surely can go wrong without them. Stripes are a do, in that they DO accentuate certain body parts(and hide others if you catch my drift)and they DO go with pretty much any kind of style or outfit your trying out. My favorite stripes color combination is anything with red. Adding a pop of red to a black and white striped dress whether it be a cute pump or a chic belt will make your outfit stand out ten times more. You can also take your striping to the next level by pairing it with another print. Now take heed, mixing prints can be a challenge, but when done the right way you will be left with a tremendous result. Start out small with maybe stripes and plaid . The mix of the two very bold patterns will somehow mesh together. 

Today's outfit was inspired by stripes, well obviously. I adore this American Apparel crop top that I picked up on an unforeseen splurge while I was at my local store, that is a lie I definitely saw it coming. I was hooked on the Black and White trend that rocked spring this season and there was just something about stripes I felt I should have. I decided to pair it with my "mom jeans" as my dad calls them but I refer to them as high waist pants that I picked up on a thrifting trip and some classic chucks (*tip* when in doubt chuck it out). The scarf was kind of a last minute thing. Thankfully I had it because when bad hair day calls oh it calls. Well that's all for my first outfit post. Hope you enjoyed!

*Tips from Today's Post*

-Stripes are a definite DO

-Types of Stripes for Everybody Type:
1)Curvy-Vertical Stripes
2)Busty-Horizontal Stripes
3)Boyish-Small Stripes
4)Pear-Big Stripes
5)Petite-Wide Stripes

-Try Mixing Stripes with Different Patterns like plaid for example

-When in doubt Chuck it out

-When A Bad hair day occurs try using a scarf to hide your dilemma 

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