Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out to Tea: An Interview With Hope Bidinger

Hope Bidinger
Keller, TX
Eclectic with a Vintage Edge

Lo: To start off your style is really rad. What influenced it?

 HB: Thank you! Really anything and everything influences my style. From other fashion bloggers to characters in movies, to an Andy Warhol painting. 

Lo: When and why did you start your blog?

HB: I started my blog a little over 3 years ago. I came across the site Chictopia and fell in love with the whole fashion community. I then discovered that those who posted their looks also had a platform for their looks(blogspot) and I decided I wanted to do the same thing.

Lo: Do you have any tips for newbie bloggers?

HB: Stay true to your yourself/personal style and really have fun with blogging! The amount of effort you put into your blog really determines the success you get from it!

Lo: I heard that you were a hip hop dancer. What's that like?

 HB: Yes, I am indeed a hip hop dancer! I adore dancing and my studio crew. Dancing is another way of expressing myself besides clothing and I literally couldn't see my life without it.

Lo: What's the one piece in your closet that you can't live without?

 HB: Hands down, my black bowler hat. I have had that thing for forever! Whenever I need an extra "oomph" to a certain outfit I just prop it on my head. Also, I think I have styled so many looks with it that it has become more of a signature piece of mine!

Lo: You probably get this a lot, but your hair is fabulous. What do you do to get it this way?

HB: Why, thank you! Really I just wash and comb it and pray it isn't humid that day! Funny thing is I used to have straight hair until the 5th grade and then it just magically turned wavy. I rarely straighten it anymore because I do have a lot of hair,but when I hit the salon I always tell my girl Carmen to make it pin straight!

Lo: You've been featured in Teen Vogue quite a few times. How was that?

HB: Being in their actual printed magazine was A DREAM. I felt so honored that they wanted me in one of their articles. And being featured on their website time to time is always rewarding! I love Teen Vogue and I owe them a lot of credit for the opportunities that have came my way.

Lo: What's the best thing you've done as a blogger so far?

HB: As far as success wise? Being in Teen Vogue Magazine. Other than that meeting other bloggers through my blog. I love meeting new people and building great relationships. 

Lo: Well Hope I believe that is all. How can we keep up with you?

 HB: Well, I hope people keep on reading my blog because I plan on blogging for a long time! You can follow me on twitter and instagram @hopebidi for more SimplyHopeStyle and non blog related things!

I just want to thank Hope again for the interview. What do you guys think of 'Out to Tea?' Look for more to come.


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