Sunday, July 7, 2013

Outfit// Plaid and Signatures

What Am I Wearing
Black Tank Top-Forever 21
Plaid Skirt-American Apparel
Grey Platform Sneakers-Urban Outfitters
Gold Necklace-Forever 21
The Infamous Headscarf

 The headscarf. It has made it's mighty return. I've decided the headscarf is going to be my signature look. Marilyn had one, Angelina has one, and the Doctor from season 8 had one. So I thought instead of just looking repetitive why not just coin it my thing, my niche, my signature. 

A signature look is something that can make you stand out. It's something you put forth so people remember you by. I like signature looks. I think they are cool in that you're declaring yourself an individual by showing who you want to be and what you want to be known by. Have you ever thought about what your signature look is?

Plaid, it's such a fun print. The versatile criss cross pattern is probably the easiest pattern to try to style. The first time I tried to style this plaid skirt from American Apparel I went for the most obvious look; school girl. I got the inspiration from catholic girl uniforms and for some reason I thought it was pretty cute. So there I was in the middle of the hallway in my white button down, yellow sweater vest, knee-high socks and saddle shoes, ready to take on the day. Needless to say after many stares, questions and comparisons to an anime character I can put this on in the fashion scrapbooks as a faux paux, but that day I decided I could take this skirt farther than Catholic schoolgirl. Since that day this skirt has been one of many greatest companions. It looks good with basic tee shirts and I loved it today with the black tank. 

Tips From This Post

-Try to find your own signature look. 

-Plaid is Rad!

-When basing a look on Catholic schoolgirls try to base it loosely. The full on look isn't the cutest.


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  1. Haha to the truth in the Catholic schoolgirl tip : ) I'm also a fan of the platform sneakers! I have a similar pair (but mine are hightops) and I love the extra inches of height without the discomfort of heels it's great.

    1. Amen! I love platform sneakers. Ooh I'm hoping my next pair will be high tops.

  2. cutie

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  3. such a nice outfit!!
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