Saturday, July 13, 2013

What's Up In Fashionland// Body Suits, Neon, Flowers

Body Suits

Stampd California One Piece Dope Swimsuit In Black
Photographic Tiger Print Sccop Swimsuit

Lion Face Deep Cut Swim Suit

Coastal Scenery Print Swimsuit

These are so fun! Bodysuits are pretty much leotards or onsies if you will. They come in basic colors, fun prints or cutouts. If you're really creative you can even turn your one piece bathing suit into one. Bodysuits are paired well with anything really; it's like wearing a shirt pretty much. If you're into basic colored bodysuits I'd definitely check out American Apparel. They have a variety of colors. 


Image 2 of Glamorous Neon Skater Dress with Open Back

Very popular in 2011, neon is a pattern of bright fluorescent colors. I can't say I personally love love neon but I do like pops of neon colors in an outfit. When styling neon I would try not to overdue it. Try to do a neon top and purse or maybe neon pants and a neon hat. Keep the other pieces subtle so your neon pieces pop!


Image 1 of ASOS Maxi Skirt in Floral Print

Flowers and floral prints are very big right now. If you haven't seen a blogger or festival goer in a flower crown you must have fallen off the face of the earth. My flower passion right now is actually these adorable sunflower shorts from American Apparel; I think I'm in love. Florals are fun and very versatile. They are good for being girly by keeping a common theme (floral on floral or floral with lace) or mixing prints (floral and stripes or floral and pastels). If you want to go for a girly look try a floral top and a circle skirt with ruffled socks and a pair of brogues. Or maybe you’re looking for an edgy look, try a floral dress a leather jacket and a pair of motorcycle boots. Lastly if you're not full on floral try a tomboy look with flair by wearing a basic tee a pair of jeans a nice coat and a floral scarf around your neck. Oh and don't forget to top an outfit off with a flower crown. you can definitely DIY your own. Check it out here!


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