Friday, July 5, 2013

Outfit// Hawaiian Tourist

What Am I Wearing?
Vintage Shirt-Vintage Shop in Little Five Points
Green Pants-American Apparel

Have you ever gone on vacation somewhere and you literally felt like a tourist? Your clad with your fancy camera around your neck and an "I <3 so and so" tee shirt clenching on your body and you just have this 'I'm so excited to be here' face on. I can say that I have caught myself in this predicament a time or so feeling like everyone was looking at me and rolling their eyes calling me a noob, but that's alright; to each his own. 

I particularly find myself liking really ugly things. Like not ugly as in a top with a really ugly puke green color scheme but like things other people find repulsive, unwearable and try to hide from the rest of civilization. I found this shirt in an overpriced vintage store in Little Five Points. A shirt like this would usually range for $4 or less in a normal thrift type store but somehow I couldn't find myself to pass this shirt up. Something about the pattern (which I am yet to figure out) made me want to be risky and try the curious top out. Months later I am satisfied with my purchase and feel like an adventurer whenever I have it on. 

Tips From This Post

-Don't be afraid to take risk with your clothes. Don't be scared to pick up something other people think is ugly.

-Hawaiian Shirts are life!

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  1. You are wonderfull! I love your style :)

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    1. Why thank you! I will surely check out your blog.

  2. You just followed me on bloglovin and I happened to take a look at your blog and LOVED it. You just started a few days ago and already you have such a clear style : ) I really like it! I followed you back because I want to keep updated on your awesome posts! Keep up the good work : )