Thursday, July 4, 2013

Outfit// Red, White and Blue: Happy 4th of July!

What Am I Wearing?
American Flag Tank Top-Urban Outfitters Boy’s Section
Denim Shorts-Target
Cowboy Boots-Belk

What is independence?

Independence is the first time you ride your bike without the training wheels or the time at your quincenera where you trade your flats for a pair of heels. But nothing compares to the independence you gain when your heels are facing the people you spent the last 18 years of life with of whom showed you the path to adulthood and hope that one day you will lead a life just as good as the one they gave to you. As you wave goodbye to the dependence you once were so familiar with you remember that your independence is right up the stairs, around the corner and next to the rest of your life.

I haven’t made it to the stage of life where all my dependencies have ran its course and I am walking the straight and narrow path of independence but it has come across my mind that in 2 years I’m not going to be handed my life on a silver platter anymore; I’m going to have to cook it up myself.

To me independence is freedom. Not freedom in that you’re free of the barriers that were constricting you, but free to make decisions on your own. To tell you the truth I’m scared of independence. I’m scared that I’ll screw up and spend my rent money on a pair of shoes or scared I’m not going to get the job I quite desire.

Although I can’t say I am fully ready to grasp the idea of being fully independent I do think I’ll be ready to take on the world waving my own personal freedom flag and taking the world on one independent step at a time.

Happy Fourth of July!

Tips From This Post

-Don’t Be afraid to rock short shorts and cowboy boots. Let that inner country girl loose!

-Wear your red, white and blue with pride!



P.S Sorry I look like a baby and the photo quality is crap. Some people just don't understand how to focus; mom.

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  1. I love this outfit! Last year on the 4th of July I was wearing almost the same things. But I was with combat boots because the cowboy ones doesn't suit me at all :)

    1. That's awesome! Too bad about the cowboy boots but I'm sure the combat boots made it look rad.